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Truckstop Nights

Truckstop Nights by Don Precosky

Author: Don Precosky
Publisher: Repository Press
Published: 2016
ISBN: 0-9780920-10442-2


While at university, Don Precosky worked at the local Husky Truckstop on the Trans Canada Highway in Thunder Bay (then it was two towns, Fort William and Port Arthur.)

Precosky's memoir recognizes sacrifices of truckers, loggers and everyone associated with transportation in the north.

"Truck drivers are among the most miserable, intolerant, loudmouthed, and cowardly people it could be your misfortune to meet.

"Think of the drivers, the poor drivers. Strangers at home, leaving the wife and kids alone. Crawling into bed to sleep all day to be rested for the next run. Spending Christmas Eve i the cabover in a parking lot in Nipigon."


Don can be heard in an interview with Sheila Peters on her program In the Shadow of the Mountain at