42 Years in the Realm of the Czar and the Soviets

42 Years in the Realm of the Czar and the Soviets

Author: Theodora Krarup
Publisher: Repository Press
Published: 2015
ISBN: 978 0 920104 38 5
Pages: 248

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This is a book about the Danish painter Miss Theodora Krarup's experiences in St. Petersburg, later Leningrad, 1896 - 1938.

Among the variegated gallery of historic occurrences and people, we meet Rasputin who modeled for Miss Krarup for twelve different portraits. She gives us a new and captivating picture of the Siberian peasant who became the imperial family's confidant and Russia's real ruler. She tells of Empress Dagmar, of the great court festivals at the winter palace, of Danish artists in Russia and she tells of Elenora Duse, Sarah Bernhard, Isadora Duncan and Lady Astor.

The book is translated from the Danish publication by Carl Aastrup, a Canadian living in Prince George. The original book was published in 1941 just three months after Krarup died.



Russia from the Inside

Paul Strickland

Theodora Krarup. 42 Years in the Realm of the Czar and the Soviets. Trans. Carl Aastrup and John Harris. Prince George: Repository Press, 2015. 248 pages. $22.

This history, from a personal perspective, is the fascinating story of how a determined Danish artist was able to work as an official portrait painter both for the Czar, his family and officials and for 20 years after the Bolshevik Revolution, for Soviet officials.


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