• Two women in traditional dress in Tarabuco.

  • Horca del Inca at Copacabana on Lake Titicaca.

  • Church at Charazani in the Apolobamba region.

  • Ruins of a chapel in Sajama

  • Carnival in La Paz

  • Alto Plano near the border with Chile

  • Mountains in Amboro National Park

  • Cerro Rico, Potosi where there was enough silver taken to build a bridge from Bolivia to Spain.

  • Wildlife is abundant on the Yacuma River near Rurenabake, in the Amazon area.

  • Cozy hotel in Sucre, the official capitol of Bolivia although La Paz is defacto the capitol.

  • If two can, you can, says the tucan.

  • Palmagranite, fruit of the Gods.

  • San Miguel Mission, the most decorative mission in the Santa Cruz area of Bolivia.

  • Worker on the largest salt flats in the world, located near Uyuni.