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Sidetracked by Vivien Lougheed

What began as a hunting trip to British Columbia’s Northern Rockies in 2000 turns into one of the province’s most important fossil finds – the Monroe Dinosaur Trackway in Kakwa Provincial Park. In Sidetracked: The Struggle for BC’s Fossils, Vivien Lougheed tells the fascinating tale of the trackway’s discovery and, in the telling, weaves in stories of other major fossil finds in British Columbia and across North America, many of which demonstrate how egos, turf wars and a lack of resources diminish the science of paleontology.



Sunny Brook by Richard Edwards & Joyce Lancaster

This book contains poetry by Richard Edwards and biographical prose by Joyce Lancaster.

Please note that the pdf version of the electronic copy is a much better choise as the epub does not lend itself to poetry layout nearly as well.




The Farmer's Chances translated by Carl Aastrup

This translation of a propaganda pamphlet, circulated to Danish farmers in the summer of 1944, details Nazi “blood and soil” farm policy and extrapolates, from the history of farming in capitalistic and communistic countries, on what will happen to the farmer if the Axis powers lose the war.



Truckstop Nights by Don Precosky

While at university, Don Precosky worked at the local Husky Truckstop on the Trans Canada Highway in Thunder Bay (then it was two towns, Fort William and Port Arthur.)

Precosky's memoir recognizes sacrifices of truckers, loggers and everyone associated with transportation in the north.

"Truck drivers are among the most miserable, intolerant, loudmouthed, and cowardly people it could be your misfortune to meet.




Vancouver - 5-Day Tour

This guide is for strangers to Vancouver who want the "in" places that locals haunt. The guide outlines up to five full days of activities and describes museums, places to hike, how to get around on public transportation, possible itineries along with places to stay, eat and drink.



Viking to Canuck by Bjorn Norheim

Viking to Canuck is more than a biographical tale of Bjorn Norheim’s life — it is a valuable historical document told with passion and humor. Bjorn’s entertaining style amuses readers with tales of life under the German occupation, of smuggling Jews into Sweden and of immigrating to Canada to work in the rough and tumble logging camps of Northern Ontario. But his desire to see more of Canada compelled Bjorn to head to BC where bush jobs were plentiful and the pay was good.








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