From the Corner Table by Pete Miller

From the Corner Table by Pete Miller


Author: Peter Miller
Publisher: 2015
Published: Repository Press
ISBN: 978-0-920104-37-8
Pages: 116

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Anyone with an interest in newspapers and their roles, learned from Pete Miller. They couldn’t help it. It was influence by osmosis. Pete was a gifted and perceptive writer, as this brief collection of columns and articles attest.

During his 40 years as a newspaper man, Pete worked as a photographer, city editor and news editor at The Prince George Citizen and as the editor of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer. He wrote editorials, political anyalysis, reviews, science-fiction stories, travel articles and fishing columns. But it was Pete’s sense of humour and his delight in the use of language that have always made his stories appealing to all.

The vignettes in this collection resonate today because of the universality of their themes. They are about real people in a small town, presented with a wry touch and a distinct Cariboo seasoning.


Christine Hinzmann

A new local history book shines a light on a newspaper editor whose journalism career in the region spanned five decades.

From The Corner Table is a collection of columns written by...


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Pete Miller – photographer, city editor and news editor at The Prince George Citizen – had a respect for the English language not often seen now in twenty-first-century media. This softcover...


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As kids we figured we knew all the grownups in our lives pretty well or at any rate as well as we needed to, at the time.

When they’re gone we realize that we didn’t actually know them...


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