• Mishad e Amam in Esphahan

  • Ancient Bam Iran

  • Yazd Market

  • Ancient Bam before the Earthquake in 2003

  • Ceramic Tiles common throughout the country.

  • Wooden door is typical in ancient homes.

  • Esphahan's famous mosque is in the centre of the plaza.

  • The Great King Darius 1st, built the main palace at Persepolis.

  • The Martyres cage where pilgrims are whipped and marched around town.

  • Masjec e Amam Mosque or the Royal Mosque located in Esphahan.

  • Jameh Mosque in Yazd is also featured on the 200 rial bank note.

  • The Grand entranceway to Persepolis. 


Iran - Tall

Iran - Tall