Kluane National Park - Kaskawulsh Glacier Hike

Kluane National Park - Kaskawulsh Glacier Hike


Author: Vivien Lougheed 
Publisher: Repository Press
Published: 2013 - updated 2016
ISBN: 0-920104-28-2
Pages: 20

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Kluane National Park; Kaskawulsh Glacier Hike (Slim's West) is an update from Vivien Lougheed’s classic, Kluane National Park Hiking Guide (Third Edition), New Star Press, 2007. The pamphlet guide includes local coordinates in UTM and Lat/Long, sketch maps and color photos. Fourteen pages in length this booklet provides details of the hike as well as brief historical notes. This is one of the most spectacular hikes in the park.

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