• Carrying heavy loads is normal for those living in Myanmar.

  • The king's palace in Began.

  • Traditional jewlery worn by women living at Inle Lake in central Myanmar.

  • I helped push this man's bicycle taxi uphill for which he was extremely grateful.

  • Many hours are spent waiting for a fare.

  • Child and grandmother living in a small village are watching us watch them.

  • Local markets offer the most interesting foods.

  • While in Mandalay, there is always time for a smoke break.

  • Local crafts include these intricately carved seats.

  • The Matriarch of Hsipaw village.

  • Modern monks use cell phones.

  • Potable water carried from a spring to a local gathering spot.

  • Thatbyinnyu phaya in Bagan.

  • Wedding bibs made with money and worn mostly by men on their wedding day.


Myanmar - Tall

Myanmar Tall