• Many prisoners were captured in Egypt.

  • In 1942 prisoners arrived at Ozada located on the windswpt Morley Flats about 30 km from Banff.

  • Ozada where prisoners were held in tents until more permanent structures could be built.

  • Upon arrival in 1942 prisoners spent their first Canadian winter in WW-I tents.

  • Their first winter was cold but they had stoves, running water, and bunks with harm covers.

  • The prisoners were comfortable. The worst enemy for them was boredom.

  • Prisoners in Camp 132 had large red circles painted on the backs of their shirts.

  • Prisoners were held at Camp 132, Medicine Hat from 1942 to 1946. 

  • Camp 132 at Medicine Hat held around 10,000 German prisoners. 

  • Prisoners' art work was often traded at the local flea market for food, soap and cigarets.

  • Prisoner Karl Lehmann was murdered here and four men hung for the crime in 1946.

  • Playing cards, drawing, painting and carving were the main past time activities.



Medicine Hat Prisoner of War Camp