Sermon on the Mont

Sermon on the Mont


Author: John Harris
Publisher: Repository Press
Published: 2011
ISBN: 0-920104-25-8
Pages: 72

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In 1980 Frank Davey, the first Canadian critic to use the term “postmodern” and to refer to himself as postmodernist, identified Louis Dudek as the first Canadian poet “to move significantly towards that multiplicity of possibilities we know today as postmodernism.” Other postmodernists agreed, while modernist critics either ignored Dudek or questioned his importance as a poet or critic. Because Dudek modeled his poetry and his activities as a publisher, editor and critic on the American fascist poet Ezra Pound, and was the main voice in Canada for Pound’s poetics, postmodernism has had to deal with the question of how deeply Dudek implicated himself, and thus implicates them, in fascism. Sermon of the Mont is a thoroughly researched examination of this question.

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