Sidetracked by Vivien Lougheed

Sidetracked by Vivien Lougheed


Author: Vivien Lougheed
Publisher: Creekstone Press
Published: 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9783195-5-7
Pages: 136

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What began as a hunting trip to British Columbia’s Northern Rockies in 2000 turns into one of the province’s most important fossil finds – the Monroe Dinosaur Trackway in Kakwa Provincial Park. In Sidetracked: The Struggle for BC’s Fossils, Vivien Lougheed tells the fascinating tale of the trackway’s discovery and, in the telling, weaves in stories of other major fossil finds in British Columbia and across North America, many of which demonstrate how egos, turf wars and a lack of resources diminish the science of paleontology.

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Godfrey Nowlan, BC Studies # 181 Spring 2014

This book explores the relationship between professional paleontologists and amateur fossil collectors in the context of several important paleontological sites in British Columbia. It...


David Cook, BC Nature Magazine

Primarily a prolific travel writer, Vivien Lougheed was unexpectedly side-tracked into the field of investigative reporting when she was approached with the suggestion that she write a book...


Frank Peebles, The Prince George Citizen

Professional jealousies are not quite as old as the subjects in Vivien Lougheed’s new book, but they are certainly present in the modern age when it comes to who gets the credit for fossils...


Max Fawcett on Dooney's Cafe

When Garnet Fraser, a Prince George doctor and amateur paleontologist, asked local author Vivien Lougheed to tell his story, he probably thought he had found a kindred spirit and a...


Dr. David Raup, paleontologist

This book is a triumph of investigative journalism – even though I doubt its author thinks of herself as either a journalist or an investigator. She has tackled a minefield of contradictions...


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