Viking to Canuck by Bjorn Norheim

Viking to Canuck by Bjorn Norheim


Author: Bjorn Norheim
Publisher: Self Published
Published: 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9919768-0-5
Pages: 315

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Viking to Canuck is more than a biographical tale of Bjorn Norheim’s life — it is a valuable historical document told with passion and humor. Bjorn’s entertaining style amuses readers with tales of life under the German occupation, of smuggling Jews into Sweden and of immigrating to Canada to work in the rough and tumble logging camps of Northern Ontario. But his desire to see more of Canada compelled Bjorn to head to BC where bush jobs were plentiful and the pay was good. There he met his wife Gwen who had a passion for travel and adventure that they satisfied together by exploring the world. The conclusion of the book is a valuable record of their discovery and development of hiking and skiing routes in Central British Columbia.

This is a humorous tale of an admirable life.

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