Rob Budde

Spoken Word by Paul Strickland & Vivien Lougheed


The Spoken Word event at Cafe Voltaire on Thursday, April 19th was Emceed by Erin Bauman and was held mainly to showcase Christina Kinnie’s self published book, Walking through the Layrinth; A Memoir.


bill bissett Comes to Town

The poetry reading at the Twisted Cork banquet hall at the end of November tested the outer boundaries of appreciation of the poetic art. Held at the Twisted Cork in Prince George on October 23rd, 2015 the event drew about 65 people.



National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month         

Locally, National Poetry Month started with a celebratory proclamation by Mayor Lyn Hall. Public Library employees, Jillian Wigmore and Darcie Smith organized numerous events to encourage members of the community to learn about and maybe even write some poetry.

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