About Us

About the time Viv got her first two-wheeled bicycle, John got his first Waterman pen and both were off chasing their passions; Viv for exploration and travel and John for writing and publishing. Viv, aged nine, started by exploring Winnipeg and the hills around the old race track and eventually graduating to the Greyhound that took her to the Rockies.  John started scribbling in journals, later graduating to the high school newspaper where he even managed to produce a few catchy advertisements.


Both got married and raised children during their 20s and 30s and both were divorced by the time they hit 40. Both had also moved to Prince George — John worked at the local college and Viv at the school district. Fate had them meet — in John’s class where he taught Canadian Literature and Viv enticed him with her adventure stories. They fell in love.


John followed her to Peru, Panama, Guatemala, the Nahanni and Kluane. He taught her to write and wrote his own adventure stories. Now you can read those stories and hers too, on this website.