Diary of a Lake/Second Edition

Diary of a Lake/Second Edition

Author: Edited by John Harris & Vivien Lougheed
Publisher: Repository Press
Published: 2016
ISBN: 978 0 920104 40 8
Pages: 174

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Glacier Lake, in the geographical heart of the Mackenzie Mountains is a mecca for rock climbers and for canoeists on the upper South Nahanni River. The big attraction is not the lake, beautiful as it is. All of today's visitors are coming for the Cirque of the Unclimbables, north of the lake. However, this majestic cluster of rock faces wasn't discovered until the Fifties, and the flow of climbers and canoeists didn't begin in earnest until the Sixties. Before that, Glacier Lake attracted quite a different type of visitor: the scientist. Starting in 1934 Glacier Lake became the window through which Canadian and American scientists examined the geology, flora and fauna of the western NWT. After the war, these studies were built upon as geologists, wildlife specialsts and even the US Defense Department used the lake as a base in completing comprehensive plant, mineral and wildlife maps and inventories of the Mackenzie Mountains.

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